Digital innovation is omnipresent in our daily lives and is capable of both good and bad. For the West, it must be at the service of people and offer an experience with added value in order to simplify their lives, while preserving the planet and respecting others. This is why we work to provide simple, practical, benevolent, responsible and ecological solutions for society. Following the anti-waste law applicable from January 1, 2023 on the prohibition to print tickets systematically for merchants, the company Occidev decided to develop a mobile solution that can be interfaced with cash register software: QUIPO is a unique mobile solution for all businesses for the dematerialization of receipts, credit cards and discount coupons via the generation of QR codes during checkout for the consumer (other features to come). This solution is eco-responsible because the only one on the market that does not offer any server/cloud storage and does not use customers' personal data. It is for the consumer to preserve and improve his consumption rights and for the merchant to be more eco-responsible, to guarantee secure purchases and to retain his customers while respecting their personal data. This solution : • Does not generate digital pollution greater than paper tickets thanks to the massive non-use of servers to store data, • Complies with the GDPR thanks to the absence of data collection from end consumers, - Easily integrates into cash register software and streamlines checkout, • Goes perfectly with existing loyalty programs, • Accepts all payment methods (cash, credit card, check, TR…), • Works even offline • will offer many new features thanks to the planned versioning (loyalty for example) Our solution is based on 2 pillars: • software "patched" to existing cash register software that will generate our QR codes, via data reading only (no questioning of the NF 525 certification of cash register software) • a mobile application (IOS and Android) which will allow us to scan our QR codes and generate tickets which will then be managed by users according to their needs (archiving, deletion, storage for accounts, guarantee, reimbursement, etc.) Occidev is based in Toulouse and is supported by the European Commission on this project. We are a team of 6 people who formerly worked for aeronautics and who decided to embark on this project. We are launching the marketing of this solution.

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