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Panasonic Connect presents the interconnected line-up of Panasonic Toughbook, Blue Yonder and innovative in store technologies on the booth – a strong alliance of edge technologies, AI and cloud applications. Some key highlights: The rugged mobile solutions (notebooks, tablets and handhelds) improve the productivity of professionals in demanding environments. TOUGHBOOK succeed where other technologies failed and most of them are MIL-STD 810G certified. The Order Management software suite by Blue Yonder, redefines how commerce happens – delivering meaningful customer experiences and removing lengthy upgrades and technical obstacles that get in the way of business transformation. With offices all over Europe: Panasonic is a leading installation and service partner for Electronic Shelf Labels. On the booth we will present some of the newest applications how retailers not only ensure price updates in a blink, but also connect to customers at the shelf. And demos for optimizing pricing across the product lifecycle, with a more granular decision-making level, powered by AI, discover Blue Yonder’s Luminate Pricing Lifecycle. There is more to explore. Starting with temperature sensitive smart lockers, ideal for heated food deliveries or chilled and frozen groceries and completely integrable as pick & collect solution to your ecommerce solution or app. Or the AI-supported security solutions for your stores or warehouses, recognizing automatically suspicious patterns or individual person and vehicle attributes to reduce theft or support your yard management by automatically license plate recognition. Visit us and learn more about our combined offerings.

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