Tech for Retail 2023

How do I schedule a 1to1 meeting ?

1to1 meetings are available exclusively for Retailers. 
1.Please sign in using the e-mail address used when registering to the show 
2. To schedule your meeting with the exhibitor, clic on the button below <Request a meeting>




QUIPO is a truly eco-friendly solution for the dematerialisation of paper receipts, offering retailers a new channel of communication with their customers. QUIPO adapts to most cash register software and offers an innovative, GDPR-free (no data collection) solution with the lowest carbon footprint on the market! In fact, QUIPO emits 98% less CO2 than paper receipts, and 74% less than receipts sent by e-mail and/or stored on servers! QUIPO is a winning solution for retailers (competitive pricing, CSR policy, marketing/communication), for consumers (respect for their rights to exchange, refund, guarantee and anonymity) and for the environment.