Tech for Retail 2023


Stand: V18


Olorin Protect empowers businesses to effectively tackle the pervasive issue of counterfeiting. As the market's most robust and secure solution, Olorin Protect harnesses the power of blockchain technology to guarantee the full protection of your products, by associating them with forgery-proof digital tokens. Our proprietary, adaptable verification method, applicable to any product type via a code (QR Code, NFC Chip, or RFID Chip), ensures comprehensive traceability throughout its lifecycle, with fresh data generated with each scan. Olorin's resale platform assures second-hand buyers of the authenticity of their purchases, while providing brands with detailed insights into product-specific metrics such as the frequency of resales and pricing trends. The Olorin resale platform will allow second-hand buyers to be certain of purchasing an authentic item, and brands to obtain precise statistics about products such as the number of resales and their prices.