Tech for Retail 2023

How do I schedule a 1to1 meeting ?

1to1 meetings are available exclusively for Retailers. 
1.Please sign in using the e-mail address used when registering to the show 
2. To schedule your meeting with the exhibitor, clic on the button below <Request a meeting>

Shopify Plus



Shopify Plus, designed for high-growth and high-volume businesses, is the e-commerce platform that combines speed and reliability while providing the scalable foundations you need to grow faster and more efficiently. This premium solution is specifically tailored for large enterprises seeking efficiency, performance, and flexibility. With extensive customization, native omnichannel capabilities, robust API integrations, and intelligent automation tools, Shopify Plus optimizes your return on investment while maintaining the simplicity and efficiency that Shopify is known for. The platform offers complete control over your business, advanced features, and dedicated support to meet the needs of growing enterprises. By choosing Shopify Plus, you join a community of ambitious and innovative businesses ready to tackle new commerce challenges. Take advantage of the speed, reliability, and scalability offered by this platform to propel your business to new heights.