Tech for Retail 2023

Solace: Danone in the era of large-scale digital innovation and real-time operations

Nov 28, 2023 | 10:00 AM - 10:30 AM


"Danone takes up the challenge of change thanks to the concept of Event Mesh and real-time data! In a market that has become increasingly unpredictable, companies are redefining the foundations of their IT to have greater adaptability and efficiency. Marcelo Caponi, Global Product Manager API & Integration at Danone, in collaboration with Julien Varin, Sales Director France of Solace, will share an experience of successful technological transition towards an event-driven architecture (EDA), defined by: • Breaking down data silos • Optimizing business processes thanks to real time • The creation of new services and reduction of time to market • Standardization and security of flows throughout the ecosystem • Scalability for future vertical and horizontal growth Join us for this captivating session where expertise from Danone and Solace come together to share real-world lessons on successfully transforming into a modern, responsive and agile enterprise. "

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